Launch Day!

Dear Friends,

Today I’m sending out the formal announcement “opening” this site. Please come in, browse around, ask questions, leave comments, tell friends, tell enemies, tell your pets, tell your diary, and come back often!

I also thought it would be fun to include a Q&A for my next blog entry, so if you have any questions about anything you might be interested in having me answer, ask away, especially if it’s about writing.

Also, with perfect timing, John York’s local newspaper in Tyler, Texas just published an EXCELLENT feature, both on his work, and on The Uncanny Valley. It’s an absolute pleasure to collaborate on these projects with John, and it makes me very happy to see yet another article devoted to his talent:

Tylerite Randy York Provides Unique Art Style to Collection of Short Stories.

The ribbon is now officially cut.  Welcome.

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9 Responses to Launch Day!

  1. Mark Vernallis says:

    Are the pictures on the inside as good as the cover?

    • Mark,

      They really are. John did a dozen full-page black and white illustrations for this one, and I think they compliment the stories beautifully. He has a style that’s perfect for the kinds of stories I write, and I feel very fortunate that we’re working together.

  2. nice site, Greg, looking forward to watching it develop in the future.

  3. Stuppy says:

    My question is as follows: where and when do you do your writing?

  4. Excellent site, Gregory. It’s great to have a place to watch the progress of your writing, and stay informed on your projects. It is always such a pleasure to read your writing, and I am always anxious to read more.

  5. A.J. French says:

    Great-looking site, Greg! I look forward to your future projects!

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