Some “Uncanny” Glimpses from John…

In case you were wondering what John York and I have been up to these last few months, the answer is quite a bit…and some of it even involves the new Uncanny Valley book! In spite of a very busy summer and fall for both me here in Pittsburgh, and John down in Texas, we are still working slowly but steadily on, and Darkness in the Valley remains on track. I’ve finished a second draft, which has gone through the editing ringer of the excellent Tracy Fabre, and John, in addition to working on the cover, has also completed a series of sketches that, when finished, will become some of the interior art.

So, as a little teaser/taste of what’s to come, here are a few of John’s illustrations for the new book, some sketches still in progress, some polished and completed, all reprinted with his permission. I’m not going to add any commentary for them right now…I honestly think it’s more fun to look at them without it, at least for the moment. Enjoy!

Talking Night sketchEmmett FieldingPART 2 - Account 1, Potts second version
Bainbridge carriage example

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1 Response to Some “Uncanny” Glimpses from John…

  1. Scott K says:

    The tri-corner goal behind the top-hatted-men is my favorite. Can’t wait to read the accompanying tale.

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