“Darkness in the Valley” has arrived…

So, this is finally finished! And published:

Darkness cover

The 450-page paperback, beautifully formatted by Anne Hardin and illustrated by John Randall York, is now available on Amazon here, to be followed by a kindle edition in May.

The journey from conception to completion has been long and challenging, but I honestly enjoyed every moment of “work” I put into it. That’s the true sign you’re doing what you love, I think – when the work is never a burden…or, if it is, the burden is never unwanted.

This summer, like the three previous, I spent six to seven days a week getting to know the mysteries of Uncanny Valley better…and there are many, believe me. During the rest of 2015, just like in 2013 and 2014, I also worked on the book throughout the school year as time, my schedule, and life in general allowed. Sometimes the work left me tired, frustrated, drained, or anxious. I wouldn’t have had it any other way, because beneath all that, no matter what, it also left me excited, energized, determined, and comforted. Writing can do that. All art can. That means it’s worth it…that it matters.

So for those who have wanted a broader—and deeper—look at Uncanny Valley, this new book will hopefully satisfy you for a while. The first volume is 154 pages long. This one, like I mentioned above, weighs in at 450, surprising even me, so there is much to explore. You’ll find familiar faces and brand-new ones. You’ll gain a great deal of context for some of the tales in the first book, but also learn, as I did, that virtually every answer we’re given leads to many more questions—and also that the history of Uncanny Valley…as well as its future…may be much richer and more far-reaching than anyone—myself included—could have guessed.

But more than anything, I  hope Darkness in the Valley entertains you…that you find pleasure in returning to this strange little town on the edge of two worlds. If it succeeds in doing that, I can all but guarantee there will be more to follow regarding Uncanny Valley. In fact, I’ve just acquired a whole sheaf of papers from the late historian Emil Fitzhugh, and it makes—to say the least—very interesting reading…


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2 Responses to “Darkness in the Valley” has arrived…

  1. Nik says:

    450 pages! Just one short. :). Congrats on a terrific accomplishment, sending your world out into The World.

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