Now Available: “Magic Things”

I’m very happy to announce that Magic Things has been published and is now officially available. It’s a small book, just 71 pages, but a great format for presenting two short stories I think are intrinsically connected, and a labor of love for everyone involved. A huge thanks to John Randall York, Anne Hardin, and Alexis George for their invaluable contributions, both to this project, and to my life.

Magic Things is currently available in both paperback and hardcover form. The paperback is $3.99, and the hardcover (which takes a bit longer to ship) $11.99. The Kindle edition will join them within the month, but until then I’d like to give people a chance to buy old-fashioned, physical copies exclusively. Much as I appreciate digital books, there really is nothing comparable to a book that can be held, flipped through, and kept on a shelf; to paper and cardboard and glue and ink. It makes me happy to think that the book’s first readers will experience it that way.

Beyond that, I’m beginning work on a companion chapbook to this one. Tentatively entitled Arrivals and Departures, it will be about the same length as Magic Things, and contain three new stories, all of which focus on time, change, beginnings (some calculated, some unexpected) and endings (some inevitable, some most decidedly not). It will be out in the fall.

As always, I hope everyone enjoys this newest publication – another offering to the gods. It’s been a pleasure seeing it through to completion, and now I’m happy to know that it’s in your hands.


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